The Database

This database features the University of Arkansas Museum's collections. It was established in May 2022.

The resource is a work in progress. New entries and images are published on a weekly basis with the long-term goal to make the entire collection searchable. Whether browsing for the sake of curiosity or narrowing down artifacts for a research project, this resource will make the collections more accessible than ever before.

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The University of Arkansas Museum

From the first computer on campus to a meteorite that fell near Fayetteville in 1934, the University of Arkansas Museum houses a highly varied collection encapsulating the fields of archeology, history, ethnology, geology, and zoology. 

Originally established as a geology teaching collection in the 1870s, the Museum today is dedicated to preserving and sharing Earth’s diverse cultural and natural history inclusively for Arkansans and all through active research, education, and outreach. 

University faculty may request loans of specimens for their classes or arrange to bring their classes to the University Collections Facility for a visit. Specimens and their associated documentation are available for research and exhibition purposes by faculty, qualified students, and visiting scholars. We also fulfill our public service and outreach mission through community engagement programs and loans to other institutions for exhibits.

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Online Exhibits

Visit exhibits featuring the Museum’s collections on this page. Individual database entries are incorporated within each exhibit for further exploration.

Content Disclaimer

Information in this database comes from the Museum's internal database, and in some cases is incomplete or awaiting refinement. Researching the collection is an important part of our work, and we continue to improve object descriptions, document object histories, add bibliographic references, and update other data. New photography and content are uploaded to these pages regularly.

The collection includes content that may not be suitable for all viewers. Words and phrases ascribed by the creators of certain objects may be considered derogatory, offensive, or graphic in nature. The images, their inscriptions, - and, in some cases, their titles - are products of their time. They are presented here as documentation, not as a reflection of the University of Arkansas Museum's values. Language and societal norms shift, and we seek to reflect such changes as we update information made available online. Cataloging is a continuous work in progress, however, and we welcome your input to enhance our understanding and presentation of the collection.